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Realism Practice by Snowfallghost Realism Practice by Snowfallghost
Just trying out some realisticlinismness..... :I

Art(c) Me
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Pro's : The nose looks good , nice shape on it . The chest looks nice as cat's have no notifiable chests

con's : The body shape is wrong , Cat's tend to be long in the body /
There spines are pretty curvy but not to the point where their back's have a deep drop.
The tail isn't attached to the spine in this picture, remember The tail is the spine .
The back leg's knee Is way to low and looks a little disjointed , The paw's are all different sizes including the thickness of the legs/
The muzzle Is very long for a house cat , alright for a wild big cat ( depending on the big cat)
The forehead is way to sharp and pointed to be "realistic" It's ok for a cartoon cat but not a real one .
where are the whiskers?
The eye looks way to cartoony and shapeless .

ok that's anatomy

Color's and markings .

No just no , This look doesn't even work for cartoony cat's , look at films and children's book's do you see rainbow cats? No because they are just so horrible to look at , A good design should be natural and for a realism ...It is Just common sense , Nice natural color's would of worked , brown's oranges ( ginger ) light blue's for eyes . you don't see these color's on ANY cat in RL . Try looking at cat's , photo's , other artists ( good ones ) And see how the marking's work how things go .

Or atlest do some color training as these color's never go well together .

I am sorry this is so harsh But It is the truth
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Critique by NightSkiesRavens Feb 7, 2013, 4:48:51 PM
In general, this is actually a very good piece. The shape is nice, the chest isn't as pronounced as many make it, and the stomach looks like a normal cats (a common mistake when drawing cats is to make them to skinny.)
The ears are placed nicely, and your tail isn't to unrealistically curly.

I know you're drawing and OC, but the color scheme isn't the best and probably not what you should aim for when drawing a realistic creature. The markings on the legs, back, and hip are defiantly the worst of the markings (She looks like she's tattooed and wearing leg warmers- sorry if you were aiming for this.)
The placement of the legs are nice, but the body is a little to short and the tail looks detached (Bravo on what you did with the gradual transition of black to grey, it actually looks pretty nice) and is a little to fluffy for the rest of the body.
The muzzle is also to long and pointed, and the eyes also look off, they're not really shaped properly.
The markings are way to all over the place.

If you're set on having unrealistic coloration, I would recomend that you try to have the colors on a more limited scale. (Having the blue/pink/green/red transition looks off even if you're aiming for unnatural.) I would recommend something like:
pink/darker pink/magenta/purple/indigo
I don't really have anything for green
I would recommend keeping the black/dark grey background for the fur though.
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stickerheart Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I can not tell if you are trying to have a laugh or if you are serious , this isnt me being mean but some people do do this for a laugh
Snowfallghost Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013   General Artist
I was trying to be serious... ;A;
stickerheart Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
then You have a serious Critic , It takes alot of time to improve . Trust me I am still working on it myself .

but If you remember Color chart's and things like that and don't just slap on as much color as you can , things will look good , Rainbow's only look good on jewelry and up in the sky ( or drawing's of rainbows )
Snowfallghost Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013   General Artist
The cat itself is one of my oc's so the colors weren't meant to be realistic, just body practice is all this was.
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February 6, 2013
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